About Us

Call us old-fashioned, but when we were at school, being reliable and punctual was important.

These may be underrated values today, but here at The School People, we still live by them.

the school people

Alan Brown, Gill Tiney & Chris Barnes

Alan started in the office supplies industry over 30 years ago and he understands how to deliver exceptional service together with great prices.

It’s crucial to him that every order goes out correctly, knowing that any mistakes will waste not only his time, but more importantly yours too.

Alan’s wife Gill taught in schools for many years and often reminds him how annoying it can be to run out of basic supplies.

Add to that his relationship with major suppliers, built up over decades in the industry, and he knows he can get the best deal for your school, college or university.

Alan understands that everyone in education has a really tough job without basic supplies tripping them up, so he is determined to focus on making ordering and delivery as simple as possible for you.

Supporting him is Chris, an energy-fuelled football fan who will move mountains if it means getting your order fulfilled. Chris works tirelessly every day to ensure he has only very happy customers.

Call Alan or Chris today on 01279 437710 to place your order and discover how old-fashioned values can make a positive difference to your day.